Importance of Design and Content in a Website

There are three things which make a website – design/graphics, content and the URL. If these three are placed properly, then there should be no doubt then it will run smoothly. Out of the three components described over here two are vital – design and content. And out these two content stands apart – it is the most important ingredient of all. So, if a product or a service has to be sold online – where a live salesman is not there – then definitely the words will do the job. And so content is very essential to any website. And Content is made use with the help of search engine marketing techniques by Scottsdale SEO LinkHelpers.

En route to a good website

Just as they say – even two words can describe a full- fledged canvass; but there has to be those two words. Without those words – a canvas painting is just a painting! However, when it comes to website content, some strategy has to be there. Everything has to be in a planned manner. The strategy for content writing involves concepts like Planning, Engaging, Measuring and Explaining. This means before you put anything on the website in the form of content you have to think what has to be included and what excluded. After this, you have to make out how and where the content will be placed – it turns out to be the engaging portion – which tells the reader how he/she will see it in the first place. The 3rd thing over here is measuring. You have to decide as per the breadth and length of the website how the content will be posted – horizontally or vertically or in any other way. This is important from the point of view of how the reader will see it.

Once this is done designing part comes. This makes for the next crucial step. Based on what will be the end result, the design is formatted. Once it is done, it is run on various web browsers like Bing and Chrome to see how they are doing. If doesn’t go good in the first run, then it is re-designed, re-loaded and then again the results are seen. Generally Google Analytics is used to make the show run.

And that makes the most of why designing and content is so much important to any designer or web-design company. If you have hired a website design company or are about to hire one, then make sure that they do place importance to these two for the best results!

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