Disposal of Batteries & Batteries of Old Phones and Tablet

Today batteries have become an indispensable source of energy for mobile applications.Batteries are in the mobile phone, laptop, tablet, and car as well as in power banks and countless other devices. However, it is also known that batteries and accumulators contain chemicals and elements that can be harmful to health and the environment.Once a lot of people drive an electric car, a lot more batteries need to be recycled. Some ingredients need to be recycled because they are not available to you in abundance. A recycling process does by the Kinsbursky brothers to make it sure that no substances should be released into the environment.Battery recycling is the recycling process of rechargeable batteries and batteries. Mostly the term battery is also used for rechargeable batteries. It can be used to extract elements such as lead, cadmium or zinc.

There are legal regulations governing battery recycling

As a general rule, consumers have to return their used batteries. Manufacturers, importers, retailers and public waste disposal companies must then accept these. Zinc carbon, zinc air and alkaline manganese batteries contain a lot of zinc. One possible recovery process is the Imperial Smelting process.Essentially, the batteries are mixed with coke and heated in a melting furnace. The exhaust gases contain zinc vapor. In order to get the zinc out of the exhaust gas, liquid lead is sprayed into the exhaust gases as a fine mist. The respective process element is called absorber. The zinc combines with the lead and can therefore be removed. When the mixture is subsequently cooled, the two metals separate again.

Batrec-Sumitomo Process

An alternative method is the Batrec-Sumitomo process. In a special oven, the batteries are heated with hot air to 600 – 750 degree c. It is now the process of pyrolysis. Pyrolysis is also called dry distillation. It is a thermochemical process in which organic compounds are broken down by high temperatures. Unlike proper combustion, no additional oxygen is supplied. The resulting gases are then completely oxidized in a secondary combustion chamber.The lead can flow back into the process and the zinc can be further processed for the respective applications.

Conclusion:Lithium batteries and lithium-ion batteries

Lithium batteries and lithium-ion batteries contain aluminum and copper. Depending on the exact cell structure, cobalt and nickel may also be included.Recycling involves electrical and chemical hazards as well as fire hazards. The batteries are first discharged. Then the cells are deactivated. Such a method is, for example, the vacuum distillation, which mainly produces nickel containing iron and ferromanganese. Vacuum distillation is a distillation that is carried out at low pressure.Lead acid batteries are mainly used as a starter battery in a car, truck or motorcycle. But there is also the use of the uninterruptible power supply for computers, servers and alarm systems.


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