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Fine Detailing of the Developer Sales

The buyer needs to get
acquainted, read purchasing guides, look for many properties. The benefits of
calling a professional real estate agent can also be analyzed.

Once the desired apartment has
been found and financially prepared, there are other samples of fire during
which maximum vigilance is needed to avoid any unpleasant surprise.

Outside the fence

Emotional involvement beyond the
rational barriers makes the buyer buy a bad product but presented in a very
attractive package.”

Even if it looks like the perfect
home, only a specialist, a construction engineer or an architect can assess the
quality of the construction. With the best developer sales in singapore this is the
perfect option.


The buyer needs to know the legal
situation of the property to be purchased by consulting the land book
extract.  Another important document
(especially in the case of a credit purchase) is the reveal of the apartment,
namely the cadastral sketch, which shows the layout and the surfaces of the
rooms on a certain scale.

Other documents required for
purchase are: Energy Certificate, Fiscal Certificate, which proves the payment
of daily taxes, certificates from utilities suppliers and from the Association
of Owners, “added the consultant.

In general, the buyer has to be
careful about everything about the property’s history over that apartment, and
the authenticity of the documents is usually checked by a notary.

You know what you sign: How do you read the sale -purchase contract

Like any legal document, the
sale-purchase contract, it must be read carefully, studied and understood by
the parties so that there are no unclear clauses or unfair advantage of any of
the parties.

Buyer must pay attention to the
accuracy of his or her seller’s and seller’s details, the apartment’s
identification details and the description of the apartment, the sale price and
the payment terms and conditions. Our recommendation is to use the services of
a lawyer to study the terms of the sale-purchase agreement before signing it. With
the good at funeral services singapore this is the best

The contract is signed in front
of a notary who has the legal obligation to explain to the parties in their
meaning the provisions of the contract. He should not hesitate to ask about any
aspect that seems unclear to him, “the Real Estate representative recommends.

One of the major risks a
potential buyer faces is that his sale does not take place after the conclusion
of the pre-contract.

As a rule, the seller has to
compensate the buyer if they have signed a sale / purchase agreement, and the
transaction does not take place because of the seller (change or sell to
someone else).

How do you check if the seller has concluded several pre-contracts

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